Autumn time sadness print

25.00 - 40.00
  • Autumn time sadness print

♡Fine Art (Giclèe) Print, 210 gr
♡Open edition
♡Available in two sizes: A4 (8.27 x 11.7 inches) and A3 (11.7 x 16.5 inches)


✧ If you order on Thu, Fri, Sat or Sun your order will be shipped on Monday. If you order on Mon, Tue or Wed your order will be shipped on Friday. PLEASE, include your phone number! Some shipping companies ask it.

✧ If you are from Milan and want to pick up your print / drawing directly from me, contact me before purchasing.

✧ Shipped flat with cardboard protection. I try to recycle paper, cardboard and other materials in my packaging in order to produce less stuff.


The fine art paper for giclèe printing is acid free and composed of natural materials, which makes prints resistant to deterioration and prevents fading.

Here are some tips to ensure your prints last for many years to come:
✧ Always handle Giclée print wearing cotton gloves and avoid touching the print itself
✧ If you don’t have gloves, make sure you have clean hands and do not touch the ink – even the smallest amount of oil or grease that occurs naturally can damage an inkjet
✧ Always hold the print by its edges and do not bend the print
✧ Avoid placing your print in direct or extremely bright indirect sunlight, excessive temperature and humidity extreme
✧ All Giclées naturally ‘curl’. To uncurl a print: Place the print on a flat, clean surface away from direct sunlight and leave the protective tissue over the print. Place a book, or another heavy object on the very ends of the print. Leave overnight and the print should become flat. Never be tempted to use an iron, steam, or moisture to flatten it – as this will definitely damage it!
Never try to clean a giclée print with a damp cloth, water or solvents

Use a clean, white, dry, soft lint-free cloth or a photographer’s lens-brush to wipe off dust